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We Like It Clean

All nail files, buffer blocks are single use

All foot buffers, callous removing tools are single use

All gloves, waxing spatulas,examination table paper cover are single use

All tools are stainless steel, one set per client and disinfected with ACCEL HLD5
chemosterilant and high level disinfectant instrument soak after each use

All pedicure tubs are made out of stainless steels and disinfected with ACCEL TB surface disinfectant spray after each use

acchld5p-4can-e1435637366224ACCEL HLD5 is designed for use in instrument and device reprocessing of semi critical and critical devices where a high level disinfection and rapid  contact time are required.  ACCEL HLD5 carries a 5 minute, high level disinfection against bacteria, virus, fungal, mycobacteria and spores and also has a 14 day re-use claim. 
 ACCEL TB is a ready to use, one step disinfectant cleaner for daily use on environmental surfaces and patient care devices. ACCEL TB is a powerful disinfectant that uses the accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) technology.  ACCEL TB is an intermediate level disinfectant effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens including norovirus.